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1588 Cases of Home Cooking that Everyone Likes to Eat (Chinese Edition)

This book mainly includes: cold dishes, eggs kind, salt water quail eggs, salt water chiken claws, chiken soaked in pepper, bittern duck, bittern goose head, bittern goose blood, odor chicken, crisp duck, hot chicken gizzard, ox tendon meat, cold waist piece, hand-tored beef silk, and so on.Price:$6.89 (as of January 18, 2017 at 12:55 pm UTC detailsProduct prices and availability ...

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888 Recipes of Home Cooking (Chinese Edition)

The cuisine guide book tells how to cook different dishes with various cooking techniques. It offers a vivid description of the ingredients and cooking process for the readers easy reference, and at the same time, helps the family meet different taste demands.Price:$8.99 (as of January 18, 2017 at 12:55 pm UTC detailsProduct prices and availability are accurate as of the ...

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1688 Recipes of Home Cooking (Chinese Edition)

Eat fresh, eat health! The book, published by China Textile and Apparel Press, contains 1688 styles of Chinese cooking that are recommended by the well-known nutritionist Ma Fang, a doctor in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Over 600 cooking tips and 80 pieces of cooking know-how enable the readers to taste the nectar of cooking.Price:$8.99 (as of the date/time of ...

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Idson Silicone Oven Mitts for Barbecue & Kitchen-heat Resistant Grilling Cooking Gloves with BBQ Grill Brush Set,double Non-slip Professional 5 Fingers Glove for Baking,washing,cleaning-orange

Ordinary disposable gloves might suffice for some light cleaning, but they are no match when you need to do some sophisticated grilling or barbequing as they are ill-equipped for heat resistance,melt if exposed to high temperatures, and also tend to absorb and subsequently emit unpleasant odors! These premium quality gloves provide proper protection to your hands especially when you use ...

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